Why People Choose Singapore To Get Credit Card Cashbacks?


Leading financial Institution

If you want to be a member of the top banking groups in South EastAisa, then Maybank2u Singapore will be the best choice. They provide the best financial services and a variety of products for individuals and corporations. Even insurance, investment banking, stockbroking also get benefits from them. You will also get many credit card cashback offers from this firm.

Rebate benefits

Maybank2u Singapore deals in providing the best services to its clients. Therefore, it offers many rebate benefits other than the credit card cashback.

  • On items like groceries, food deliveries like in restaurants, delivery, and Foodpanda, you will receive rebates of 8%. That is more than what other financial institutions offer.
  • For the transport facilities like bus, trains, petrol station and many more also they provide 8% rebate. It will include all the different transportation services.
  • When you reach the monthly rebate cap, they will provide an additional one for further spendings. That will be around 0.3% per month.

Eligibility Criteria

Moneybank2U Singapore will also look into some eligibility criteria for applying to their bank. There are rules like the minimum age is to be 21 to get the credit card cashback. Other than that, the people living in Singapore are to have an annual income of $30,000. For people in Malaysia, it is $45,000.