Important Considerations Before Buying Bitcoins With Credit Cards


Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency. This digital currency has created a rage in the modern world. Many companies are accepting bitcoins as their mode of transaction. For example, several casinos and betting companies are accepting bitcoins for deposits. Even Elon Musk has agreed to accept cryptocurrency for buying Tesla cars.

You can buy these bitcoins from several websites. Most companies that accept bitcoins also provide the link to these websites. You need to pay money to buy these bitcoins. Some websites also allow their users to buy crypto with credit cards. However, there are several considerations associated with using credit cards for bitcoins. Let us look at some of them.

The impact of such transactions on your credit score

If you are using your credit card for different transactional purposes, you will understand the value of credit scores. These scores are important for any bank-related purposes, especially if you want to apply for an increase in your credit limit or apply for a new credit card. Buying bitcoins with a credit card can have an impact on your credit score.

You first need to consider how much of the available credit you wish to devote to bitcoins. The percentage of this available credit that you wish to use is called the credit utilization ratio. If you use more of it, your credit score will get lowered. Therefore, it is advisable that you prevent yourself from using the maximum available credit.

Your credit score will get better when you pay the debt. However, try to avoid such a scenario, especially if you plan to apply for a loan, mortgage, or a new credit card.

Transaction fees that you need to pay

Whenever you use your credit card to make a transaction, you need to pay a transaction fee. Most people do not notice it when they are using it in a commodity store because the store manager adjusts the price in the final bill. However, such transaction fees can be huge depending on the limit of the transaction. If you are planning to make a profit using these bitcoins, you need to consider the transaction fees in your planning as well.

Foreign transaction fees are even higher. Therefore, if you are paying for bitcoins, prefer not to use your American or any other foreign master cards.

Consideration of bitcoins as cash advances

Several websites consider bitcoins as cash advances. Although several lawsuits are currently filed against such a scenario, it has not changed ever since. You need to pay extra charges as cash advance fees when you purchase cryptos by credit cards. Check whether the website charges such fees for your purchase.

Debts associated with cryptocurrencies

Like share values, the value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate according to changing market trends. If you have invested a lot in bitcoins and their value takes a dip, you might fall into a huge debt. Therefore, you must be careful while making investments in bitcoins.

These are some of the important considerations associated with your credit card transactions while you are buying bitcoins. Be wise while you buy crypto using a credit card.