How To Find Affordable Family Travel Insurance Options?


What is family travel insurance?

Family travel insurance covers the whole family, as the name implies; usually, two adults under 60 and two children under 21. Another name for it is the family floater plan.

Family travel insurance features

  • Flight delay: Your insurance will cover hotel costs for you and your family if a flight is delayed.
  • Accident and medical benefit: Your family will be covered if they need medical care abroad due to an accident or illness.
  • Passport cover: Your family travel insurance will cover passport replacement if you or a family member loses theirs.
  • Accidental passing away and repatriation: Your policy will ensure that your nominee receives the insured amount. The family travel insurance will return the insured’s remains home.
  • Affordable premiums: A family floater plan secures their trip faster and more affordable.
  • Hijack help: Many insurers offer a hijack distress allowance to help insureds cope with this trauma.
  • Worldwide 24X7 assistance: You can contact your insurer in Australia or the Schengen region in an emergency. Online or via their toll-free number.

Family travel insurance?

Basic online family travel insurance covers only a few situations:

  • Medical and repatriation costs (i.e., when you’re stuck in a foreign country with no money and need to be returned to India)
  • Personal injury resulting in disability or passing away
  • Lost passports
  • Baggage loss/delay
  • Flight cancellations
  • Unavoidable hotel extension
  • Add other covers for bad weather, hijacking, personal liability, fire, home cover, etc. Most insurance companies offer two or three-tiered policies that cover additional risks for higher premiums.

What are family travel insurance exclusions?

International travel insurance has many benefits, but be aware of its exclusions. Family travel insurance’s exclusions vary by insurer. The following may prevent you from filing a claim:

  • Medical exclusions
  • Travelling against medical advice
  • Pre-existing diseases
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Pregnancy isn’t covered.

Trip exclusions

  • Scuba diving, mountaineering, and other dangerous sports are not covered.
  • Loss from illegal or anti-social behaviour is excluded.
  • Baggage loss
  • Claims won’t be accepted if lost baggage and other important documents aren’t reported to authorities.

How to buy family travel insurance?

Let’s list this for easier recall:

Cover relevant risks:

International travel insurance companies may not cover pre-existing conditions or costs like replacing prescription glasses, adventure sports, etc. Cover these.

See exclusions: Examine the exclusions. You may assume the policy will cover a specific contingency when it may not or only cover the risk to a small amount. Avoid overlooking relevant risks.

Plan comparison:

Compare policies carefully. Technical jargon makes most family travel insurance plans hard to understand. You can also distinguish between cashless hospitalisation and hospitalisation expense reimbursement.

Family travel insurance covers expenses, except for cashless services like hospitalisation. You’ll pay for the expenses abroad and get reimbursed when you get home. In an emergency, the extra cash will protect you.

These should help you find the right family insurance plan. You can buy a travel insurance plan that works for your family by downloading a travel insurance app.

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