How Groove Life Used Expivi’s 3D Configurator Software to Boost Sales


Any company wants to increase its sales and attract new customers. It’s the situation when demand begets supply, so marketers, programmers, and other specialists offer new tools and methods to boost the results.

Let’s see how modern software can help you to increase sales. In this post, we’ll show you an example of a company that used modern technologies and reached success. We’ll also look at how Expivi’s software can help you.

The Future is Already Here

We all know science fiction stories about augmented reality. Today it’s not fiction but a part of our life. And you can find it not only in video games. Just imagine that with the help of a product configurator, you can show your product in motion or even in the interior of the customer’s room. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

It’s the reality of today. Modern software makes 3d models for design, production, and product presentation. With the special app, you can check how the furniture will look in your interior or move the object to have a closer look from all sides.

3D product customizer allows changing forms, colors, and product details right in your browser window or in the app. Customers like to watch different options to find what they like the most.

Groove Life Experience

This company is famous for its rings and belts of the original design. It’s hard to find the accessories as stylish and strong at the same time. They are developed for active people engaged in extreme spots. The company positions its products as the equipment for warriors.

3D product configurator made the designing easier and allowed to create more interesting and unusual things. Silicone rings require special equipment and detailed project to boost their looks and quality. And Groove Life found all they need in Expivi’s software. Thanks to these programs, they can present products of impeccable quality and perfect design.

But it’s not all. On the official website, you can find the 3D simulation of three-ring parts separately and then embedded into one solid structure. This presentation explains the impressive qualities of the rings and gives an idea about all the layers included in these high-tech products. It’s like magic when you see the technologies inside the simple silicone ring.


The quality of the product and good promotion determine the success of the company. Ant modern software for 3D configuration can help in both cases. In the developing stage, use it for simulation and project testing. For the final product’s presentation, creates a 3D visualization with AR elements. Give your clients the opportunity to select the size or see this thing’s look in their interior.

User experience is extremely important for increasing your sales. If the visitors like to use your service and find it convenient, they will probably make a purchase. Including AR elements in your web pages can increase the conversion rate by 6%. They also raise the level of visitors’ satisfaction. Use the future technologies today and get more sales by using the latest programs and 3D visualization.