Don’t forget these things if you’re someone who travels in your own car a lot!


You should always keep some equipment in the car and no, we don’t mean those baskets on the back seat at the moment. This list of necessary things keeps your car operating and helps you overcome unanticipated road problems. Although it could be said (though we would never recommend it!) City drivers can do without some of these things as they are never too far from a mechanic. If you live in a rural region or plan a long road trip, it is always a good idea to tick off this checklist before leaving.

Everyone requires their driver licence, cheap car insurance and their car registration. However, below mentioned are some things that aren’t absolutely essential but should be handy if you drive a car a lot:

  1. Car manual – Check your glovebox to ensure that your car manual is easily available. It contains vital information that is particular to your vehicle, such as recommended fuel and recommended PSI level for your tyres.
  2. Car repair history – It’s recommended you keep information on car repairs in your car too, along with your compare car insurance documents. Car repair records will give any mechanic vital vehicle history information before they repair your car and your car insurance documents will assist in making an accident claim easily.
  3. Registration, licence and insurance – It might sound basic, but when you are driving, you should always carry your licence and registration. These may be available online, but having a hard copy will be needed if you don’t have internet reception and are pulled over.
  4. Tyre essentials – Nothing is more annoying than to get a flat tyre then realise that you’ve forgotten your jack in the garage or that your spare tyre is flat. So make sure your car has a jack, a spare tyre and a lug wrench. It’s all worthless if you have two of these objects, not the third one. These three things go hand in hand so ensure that you have them all.
  5. First aid box – You never know when you may need a first-aid kit. Life has an unforeseen way of leaping on you, particularly if you’ve had children. You might have to clean up a cut or a burnt patch of skin, for example. Have a modest supply of health supplies on hand no matter how much time you spend in your vehicle.
  6. Toolbox – If you need a scissor, a sharp edge or a screwdriver, a decent multi-tool may provide you with peace of mind that you can help yourself out of a bind.

It’s essential to have these things available with you all the time in your car to help yourself enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.