A Beginners Guide To Forex Trading And Its Working


Forex trading is a web of buyers and sellers where the transferring of currencies takes place among them at a fixed price. Conversion of currencies from one into another by individuals, companies, or banks occurs in the exchange. It mostly happens when you travel abroad, and you have to convert your currency to the currency used in a particular country. These forex exchanges are done mainly for earning profits. But with these high profits in Forex Demo Account, there’s a high risk of losing the money.

Types of the forex market

There are three types of Forex Trading:


Spot forex Market

A financial market in which instruments or commodities are exchanged in exchange for currency for instant delivery.


Forward forex Market

A financial market for settlement that assures the future delivery of abroad currency at a fixed exchange rate.


Future forex Market

A financial market where buying and selling currencies occur at a certain date, time, and even the contract size.


Advantages of forex trading

There are many advantages that you get as a forex trader.

  • Forex trading costs very low as there is no commission that you have to give while trading.
  • The forex exchange is only for a short period so, you can trade more in a short period.
  • There is transparency in the forex exchange market, so there’s no chance of price manipulation.
  • The instability of prices of the commodity can help you get extra profit while trading.
  • You don’t need high capital for forex trading so, you can start it anytime.
  • You can even get a forex demo account to learn the trading.


Disadvantages of forex trading

With lots of advantages of forex exchange, there are some disadvantages too. High volatility in trading price can sometimes give you a loss in trading. With high profit in forex exchange, there’s a high risk that you have to take as the prediction that you make can’t be right every time. You don’t get the tutorial of forex exchange easily, so you will have to learn it yourself, and that can be hard for the beginners who want to do trading.

How does forex trading work?

There are different options to choose from for forex exchange, but all of the tradings work on the same principles of buying a currency by selling the other currency. In the past, there were lots of forex brokers who used to help in dealing with some commission in exchange for the deal, but now there are many online platforms that you can use to do the forex trading yourself. Here you don’t own the commodity on which you deal with trading, but you have to predict whether the commodity’s market value on which you are trading will rise or fall after a certain time.

Sum up

If the market value goes according to your prediction, then you earn a profit from the trading. It can give you a high profit if your prediction works, but there’s a high chance of loss if the prediction is against you.