What are you doing to simplify your finances in 2010?

We all say we want to simplify our finances in 2010.  But what action will you take or have taken to simplify your personal finances in 2010.

The only way you can simplify is to take action.  Its better to take action not than later.

So I want to know from everyone what action you will be take or have take to simplify your personal finances?

Here are my actions to help simplify my personal finances:

  1. Review my regularly asset allocation to make sure I will meet my retirement goals
  2. Consolidate investment and retirement accounts to reduce the number of statement I receive.
  3. Automate remaining bills and stop paper bills.

Share with me your ways to simplify your finances in 2010.


  1. says

    We are consolidating multiple contributions to retirement and savings accounts to make our bank statements easier to follow. We used to contribute smaller amounts every paycheque to each of our retirement and savings accounts. Now, one paycheque contributes to mine, one to his. An easy change, much easier to keep track of.

  2. says

    I now forward all of my paper files into Pixily, so that I can quickly search for specific dollar amounts and things like insurance, etc. (Note: I liked the service so much I joined the company and am now the head of marketing.)

    I’m also setting up reminders for when I can first apply for different parts of my family’s benefits, like the health club benefit or vision (since I just finished applying for this stuff in December, last minute, this year.)

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    Like the ideas. Any tips or suggestions to help with personal finances are worthwhile. The more control one takes, the more informed and prepared they are to make future financial decisions.

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    I need to set up an ING Direct checking account. Today, I have all of my online income deposited into my ING Direct Savings Account. But, then I have to transfer the money to my other bank in order to pay business expenses with it. This is very inefficient.

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