What are you doing right with your personal finances?


Do you  have a tendency to focus on the negative when discussing your personal finances and forget about the things you are doing right with your finances?

I have too much debt.

I don’t have an emergency fund.

I have not saved for retirement.

It is good to focus on the things you need to improve upon but you can not take for granted the positive things you have done with your finances.  I believe if you want to organize your finances you should look at the things you are doing right.  Once you have identified the positives things you are doing, then you can begin to tackle the things you need to fix to better organize and simplify your finances.  You say there is nothing positive about your finances.  That is hard to believe.  I am pretty sure you can find something you are doing right.  If its just as simple as having your pay check directly deposited to your checking account  or have simply signed up for online banking.  It is a start.  As I always say take one step at a time to simplify your finances.  Idntifying the positive is step one.  If you can do one thing right, I am sure you can do other things to better organize your finances.

Here is what I am doing right with my finances.  I am automating my monthly savings for retirement, children’s education as well as emergency fund. This way I do not have remember to make the transfer at the once a month.

Tell me what are you doing right with your personal finances?  Look forward to hearing the positive things.




  1. B Simple says

    Getting a handle on your credit card debt is very positive. So what did you do to get rid of it? How long did it take?

  2. B Simple says

    Thanks for sharing. That is definitely a positive. So what made you decide to start opening your bills and keeping track of your account balance? Have you implemented a system that makes it easier for you?


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