Simplify your personal finances by taking Mailbox Relieve 101

Is your mailbox over worked? Does your mailbox want to run and hide when it sees the mailman coming? Would you like to take some of the daily weight off its back? Here are some tips to provide your mailbox with some relieve to extend its life as well as help you simplify your personal finances. I know your mailbox will love you for it.

Go paperless – Eliminate those monthly bills by signing up for online statements. This will reduce the amount of mail you receive but will also help you save time by not having to sort through your mail looking for your bills. This will especially be helpful at year end tax time.

Eliminate junk mail - You will get extra love for this one. Spend less time sorting the real mail from the junk mail. To do this you can sign up at optoutscreen to get rid of those pre-approved credit cards and insurance offers.

Use P O Box – If you really want to provide your mailbox some relieve but it may not forgive you if you start using it exclusively. Using a PO Box helps you eliminate theft from your mail box as well as the need to hold your mail if you travel a lot. It can help prevent theft from your mailbox which could lead to ID theft due to someone stealing your mail and obtaining your financial information.

Consolidate your accounts - Doing this will reduce the amount of mail you will receive. Help you keep track of where all of your financial assets are held. The less accounts the easier it is to monitor them as well as manage them.

Consolidate service providers - Reduce the number of monthly bills you receive by consolidating your service providers. For example consider consolidating your land phone line company with your cell phone company or eliminating your line phone line. This will reduce the number of bills you receive each month as number of bills you will need to pay.

Sign up for online mailbox service/ virtual mailbox – Consider signing up for online mail service such as Earth Class Mail

If your looking to simplify your finances begin by giving your mail box a break. You will be amazed at how much time you can save by reducing the amount of mail you receive on a daily basis.

Let me know how you have reduced your incoming mail.


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