Simple Weekend Roundup – Keep it Simple Edition

by B Simple

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This week’s edition of Simple Weekend Reading features some recent articles I have read that will help you simplify your personal finances. Here are this week’s favorite article:

We all want to simplify our lives but it takes time. Bible Money Matters shows us 3 Things You Can Do to Simplify your Life in 24 hours

We always discuss the past and the future but sometimes we forget about the present. Ultimate Money Blog in Living in the Present offers a short simple reminder that we need to live in the present.

You want to invest in the market but not sure when to start. Free From Broke offers Dollar Cost Averaging Helps Eliminate Emotion And Market Risk

Looking to live a simple financial lifestyle. These 7 tips offered by MoneyNing will help you get there. So make sure you read 7 Simple Money Tips Can
Make All Your Dreams ComeTrue

To simplify your personal finances you must use online banking and bill pay. No Made of Money offers 4 Compelling Reasons To Use Online Bill Pay

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Thanks so much for the mention of my article on dollar cost averaging (PF Firewall’s really).

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