Simple Weekend Roundup – Getting back into the swing again

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Welcome to this week’s edition of simple weekend roundup.  It’s has been a while since I last posted a roundup but as I continue to develop new content for my blog I thought I would share the best post I have read this week which can help you on your journey to simplify your finances.  Simplifying your finances is not something that will occur over night or at the snap of your finger.  It would be nice if it could happen that way but it takes time.  That is reason why at the end of my post I always say take one step at a time to simplify.  Simplifying your finances is like embarking on a journey not just a quick weekend trip.  You ask how long of a journey?  It will depend on the current condition of your finances.  Yes, we all want results now but you must be patience and don’t give up.

Here are some post I read this week that I believe will help you simplify.

You have to have the right mindset if you want to simplify as well as understand your ultimate goal.  This guest post on Get Rich Slowly Dream Home or Dream Life? helps prioritize what is most important. It’s a great post. I know I have debated this issue before but you always have to remember what your long term goal is.

J. Money at Budgets are Sexy offered a nice New Series: A look at Your Finance. In this new series he post someone’s finances on the site, and then everyone can help to critique it.  This week George posted his finances. He is doing okay but there are areas he could improve on.  So check it out.  Some of the comments may help you with your finances.

Does the type of car you drive really matter to you?  Peter at Bible Money Matters provided What Millionaires Drive: Income Level And Car Prestige Don’t Always Match Up which was really a well done post. He provides some good points. If you are trying to simplify, does the car you drive match your income level?

To simplify you should have an emergency fund.  No Credit Needed offers how to Quickly Fund $1000 Emergency Fund which provides some help to build an emergency fund.

Losing your purse or wallet is one of the worse feels you can have.  Wisebread writes offers 5 Things to never keep in your wallet to offer some tips of items you should not keep in your wallet in case it is lost or worse stolen.

Thanks for reading this week’s round up.  Also thanks to those of you, who have read my post from this week as well as those you have subscribe to my blog. Til next week enjoy your weekend and remember to simplify by taking it one step at a time.

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Thanks for the link-back. Keeping things simple definitely works for me! Rock on!

TB at BlueCollarWorkman

Well this is a great little roundup. Im not sure I read any of these posts! Thanks, it was a nice first visit to yoru site :-)

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