Simple Weekend Reading – Saving Edition

by B Simple

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You cannot simplify your financial lifestyle over night. It takes time, effort, and discipline to design your desired financial lifestyle. One key to simplifying your personal finances is to SAVE. You can save for retirement, education, a new car, a new house, emergency or whatever you desire. But just saying I want to save more does not always help. You need to take some action to save more. I will admit I am guilty of this also. I always want to save more but I many times don’t take the necessary action to do.

In this week’s Edition of Simple Weekend Reading I will offer you some post that I have found that can help you save more:

Money Crashers explains why Now Is The Best Time To Start Saving For Big Purchases. Be proactive and plan ahead. Its much easier to save that way.

PT Money offers What’s Your Best Way to Save Money? These few simple ways can go a long way to help you save money.

Passive Family Income provides 9 Simple Ways to Save Money

Financially Poor provides 5 Money Saving Tips for the 21st Century

Financial Highway offers 5 Extreme Ways to go Frugal and Save

Moolanomy provides 7 Sites To Help You Save Money And Live Your Lifestyle

Monevator details 101 Ways to Save Money I am sure you can implement at least 1 or 2 of these to help you save money.


This week’s post at Own the Dollar listed The Top 30 Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow on Twitter. Its a great list. I am included in the list also so check it out.

This week Budget in the Fun Stuff hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance #272 Yogi Bear Edition

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It’s all about saving and saving more! I myself am guilty of planning to save more than I end up doing. It’s tough to stay discliplined.

Awesome posts here and thanks for the shoutout!

B Simple

I think we all can save more but some times we find an excuse. I have started to automate to make it easier.

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