Simple Sunday Financial Blogger’s Round Up – World Cup Finals Edition

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This week’s edition of Simple Sunday features some recent articles I have read that will help you simplify your personal finances. Here are some of the best from this week:

To live a simple financial lifestyle you can not live paycheck to paycheck. Studenomics helps you with this in Live Within My Means? How?

Simplify your next major purchase with these tips from No Credit Needed Creating A Financial Timeline

To simplify your finances you need to reduce your debt. Far Beyond the Stars shows you steps to help you in minimize your finances in 7 Simple Strategies to Liberate Your Finances.

De-cluttering can help you simplify your finances. This post Warning: Are Any of These 5 Things Keeping You From Being Frugal? will give you some tips on de-cluttering.

We all want to save money but sometimes saving money may end up costing us more money. Liz Weston offers 3 money-saving strategies that can backfire to help avoid this from occurring.



There are so many personal finance posts each week it is not always easy keeping up with all of them. A great way to find out the best posts of the week is to read a personal finance blogger’s weekly roundup. There were several good roundups this week that I thought you may find valuable as well.

Financial Highway offers Weekly Round Up World Cup Finals

Len Penzo Dot Com offers Black Coffee: My Favorite Blogs, Money News & Opinions #54 (The LeBron Who? Edition)

Oblivious Investor offers Investing Blog Roundup: Target Date Funds and Wrongness

JoeTaxpayer offers A Bastille Day Roundup

Darwin’s Money offers Weekend Reading: Return of the Russian Cold War Spy Game Edition

Mrs. MoneySaver offers Frugal Friday- Link Up and Blog Hop!

Canadian Financial Blog offers Friday Links

Personal Finance by the Book offers GRABBBR Giveaway Deadline is This Week! / Weekly roundup

Frugal Dad offers Weekly Roundup – Smarty Pig Edition

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Weekly Favorites and Gratitude!

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Til next time take it one step at a time to simplify your finances.


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