Simple Personal Financial Tips – Employee Benefits

Your employer can make your personal financial life easier. You are probably thinking the only way my employer can improve my personal finances is if they increase my pay. We all would love that to happen but there are several other ways your employer can help you simplify your finances as well as help you save money. Every employer offers different types of benefits so the benefits you receive will vary from employer to employer.

Here are this week’s simple personal financial tips to help you simplify your personal financial lifestyle by taken advantage of your employee benefits:

Automate deposit – Almost every employer offers auto deposit which saves you time from going to your bank to deposit your check.  Your check is already in your account on pay day.

Retirement savings – Many employers offer 401k plans or pension plans some may even offer both.  Employers may even match the contributions that employees contribute which is free money.

Health benefits - Most employers offer medical and dental plans for you and your family.  Your employer usually pays a significant portion of your medical insurance which enables you to save money.  They also usually provide you with several choices of insurance plans to meet your specific needs.

Insurance benefits – Some employers offer life insurance as well as disability insurance.

Pretax planning – Many employers offer pretax saving plans for medical needs, child care needs, and transportation.  This is a excellent ways to save money.

Other discounts –  Many employers offer employee discounts on products and services to help you save money.

Many employers offer many of these benefits but you must take action to take advantage of them.  You never know you may be missing out on some great benefits.


Check with your employer’s human resource department to see what employee discounts your employer offers as well as any other benefits that you may not be aware of which can help you simplify your personal finances.   You may be surprised by the discounts and benefits that you are entitled as an employee so take advantage.

What benefits does your employer provide that helps you simplify your personal finances?

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Til next week take one step at a time to simplify your personal financial life.

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