Simple Personal Financial Tips – Budget Busters

Have you decided not to create a monthly budget because every time you create one you always bust it.  Creating a personal budget is important to your personal financial health.  Sticking to your personal budget can be challenging but it is key to living a simple financial lifestyle.  You are  probably asking what do I need to do to stick to my budget.   You must avoid these budget busters in order to stick to your monthly budget.


Here are this week’s tips to help you simplify your personal finances by helping you avoid these personal financial budget busters:

Splurge or unplanned purchase – we all do it but we must limit it or at least budget for it.  If you know you have a tendency to buy things at the spur of the moment instead of planning just put it in your budget.  Hopefully you are not buying high ticket items every month.  If you are you may need to look at your spending.

Medical cost – Unplanned medical expenses are usually something you really can not plan for.  But you can have medical insurance in place.  Having adequate medical insurance and a reasonable deductible or co-payment will lessen the impact of those unplanned medical expenses.

Unplanned repair bills – just like medical expenses you can not always predict when they will occur.  To lessen the impact on you budget have preventive maintenance done on you car, home and any other thing that could break.  You can schedule these out and prepare for them in your budget.  Many  times even if you do preventive maintenance things will still need repairing.  This is why you should have an emergency fund in place so your monthly budget is not impacted.

Eating out – this is where I could use some work.  Its so easy to just go out to eat instead of planning ahead and have dinner at home.  Try limiting the times you go to dinner each week.

Increase insurance expenses - we can not control how much our insurance premiums will increase each year.  But what you can do so your premium does not bust your budget is review your insurance policies each year to make sure your coverage is appropriate.  You may want to even shop for another insurance providers if the increase is significant.

By avoiding these budget busters you can hopefully create a budget and stick to it.  What are your budget busters and how do you avoid them?


Take action by reviewing your spending and think about what is causing you not to stick to your monthly budget.

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Til next week take one step at a time to simplify your personal financial life.



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