Simple Personal Financial Tip: Stop Check Writing

An easy way to begin to simplify your personal finances is to stop writing checks.  Yes I am serious.  You are probably wondering how will I pay my bills.  Well this week’s simple tips will provide you with 5 tips to help you eliminate checking writing and simplify your personal finances so you can create a wealthier and healthier lifestyle.

Here are this week’s simple tips to help you eliminate writing checks to enable you to simplify your personal finances:

  • Sign up for on-line banking – Instead of keeping a check register and have to reconcile your check book at the end of each month, signing up for online banking enables you see to  your accounts online to see what has cleared and not cleared.  Save you time.  You can even use your bank’s bill pay service if its offered.
  • Can help eliminate ID thief – Your paper checks has valuable personal information on them such your name, address, bank  account number, and signature.  I have seen people include their driver’s license number.  That’s a little too much information.  All of this information can be used by anyone who sees your check.  So not writing checks can reduce the risk of ID thief since this information will not be seen by everyone who handles your check.
  • Saves time and money – Not not having checks to write on a monthly basis saves you time since you should have all of your bills paid automatically.  Its saves you money since you will not have to purchase checks or stamps.


By the end of this week try to implement one of these 5 steps to help you eliminate the need to write checks.  If you just start with one monthly bill at first then eventually have all of your bills paid automatically, at least you have taken action towards  living a simplified financial lifestyle.

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Til next week take one step at a time to simplify your personal financial life.


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