Simple Personal Financial Tip: Are you hurricane ready?

For those of us who live along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast we are now almost a month into hurricane season have you prepared yourself? You still have time to prepare.  In my post, Simple Financial Tips – Disaster Plan I discuss ways to help you prepare for a disaster to help simplify your finances. 

Here are some additional tips help you prepare and simplify your finances in case of a hurricane.

  1. Review your homeowner’s insurance policy – Make sure you are properly covered and amount of coverage.
  2. Review your flood policy – Understand what is covered
  3. Review your wind policy – Understand your deductibles
  4. Know who to contact if you incur damages.
  5. Take inventory of your personal property
  6. Have a plan in place if you need to evacuate.  Know where your going ahead of time.  Less stress if you have a plan in place.
  7. Create file of all important documents to take with you.
  8. Is your emergency fund properly funded to cover your insurance deductible

These 8 steps will help you simplify your hurricane preparedness. Remember take one step at a time to simplify your personal finances.

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