Simple Personal Finance Weekend Roundup – Budgeting

by B Simple

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Do you want to live a simple financial lifestyle? If so having a budget is key to creating a simple financial lifestyle. But many times we fail to budget because _________ (you fill in the blank) excuse. This week’s edition of Simple Weekend Reading features some recent articles I have read that I believe can help you with budgeting so you can simplify your personal finances.

I don’t have time. Is your reason for not having a budget? Brian at My Next Bucks offers How To Build a Kick Ass Budget in 15 Minutes. I believe we all have at least 15 minutes we can spare to create a budget.

I don’t need a budget. Is that your excuse? Jason at One Money Design offers Budgeting 101 which explains why and how to create a budget.

I don’t know what a budget should look like. Is that your excuse? Money Funk to the rescue. She posted 7 Free Printable Budget Worksheets. These budget worksheets can get you started and they are free.

Even if you do create a budget you must be realistic. To help Laura from Green Panda posted on Five Nickel Live Within Your Own Means, Not the Means of Others. Make sure your budget is something you can live with.

Is your spending habits causing your budget problems. Maybe this is the problem. Are your Credit Cards Weapons Of Mass Financial Destruction? posted by Financial Samurai.

I don’t know what budgeting system to use. Wojciech at Fiscal Fizzle offers his take on the YNAB 3 vs. Mvelopes (First Reactions) budgeting systems.

Still not sure which budget software to use. Fiscal Greek offers You Need a Budget (YNAB) 3.0 Personal Finance Software Review.

Hope these articles will help you create your budget so you can develop the simple financial lifestyle that you desire.

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Wojciech Kulicki

Thanks so much for including me in this roundup!
.-= Wojciech Kulicki´s last blog ..Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Gifts =-.

Money Funk

I’m going to have to check out a couple of these other posts that peek my interest.

Thank you for including my budget worksheet post. Even though budgeting may be dull, it is an essential roadmap for achieving your financial successes.

And what better time is there to formulate a budget than the start of a new year. :)

B Simple

You are right now is the perfect time to start budget. With your budget spreadsheets you posted about, there should be no excuse for not budgeting. Thanks for the comments.

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