Signs you may need to simplify your personal finances


How do I know if I need to simplify my personal finances? What should I look for to determine if I need to simplify my finances? Some signs stick out like a sore thumb while others are not so obvious. Here are some signs that are good indicators that you need to simplify your personal finances.

1. Going to your bank to deposit or cash your payroll check
2. Wondering at the end of the month where all of your money was spent.
3. Not taking advantage of employee benefits
4. Not having a will in place – this one is not for you but your loved ones.
5. Regularly paying overdraft fees
6. Monthly paying late fees on your bills
7. You are charged service fees on your bank accounts because you did not maintain sufficient balances
8. Not automating your monthly bills
9. Multiple investments accounts with similar assets
10. Not opening your monthly bank or investment account statements because you have some many
11. Carrying more than four credit cards in your wallet
12. Paying the minimum balance on your credit cards
13. Using multiple spreadsheets to manage your finances
14. Still writing checks to pay your monthly bills
15. Not establishing financial goals and objectives
16. Receiving monthly paper statements
17. Not saving money
18. Not establishing an emergency fund
19. Using the bank teller to withdraw money
20. Calling your bank to find out your account balance

If you find yourself doing several of these you need to simplify your personal finances.

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