9 Simple ways to avoid overspending on your credit card

by Guest Post Guest Post

This is a guest post from Andrew Wang who also publishes a blog on making money. Purchasing a large number of different items on your credit card, as well as paying certain bills with a credit card can very quickly send your card up to the limit. Before long, many people quickly find themselves overspending on […]

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What do you want to learn about simplifying your finances?

by B Simple Question

  As I am working on new content for my site, I thought to myself I am being a little selfish.  I am writing about things I think will help you simplify your personal finances.  What are some topics or ideas you would like me write about to help you simplify.    I am here to […]

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What Is a Health Savings Account?

by Guest Post Savings

If you’re young and just starting out in life or a ‘seasoned’ veteran, you have many things in common–one of which is the desire to assure your family is protected in case of emergency. That means insurance coverage…enough to cover you in the event of unexpected trouble. You can’t be too careful. Without insurance the […]

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Reduce Financial Stress, Simplify Your Personal Finances

by Connor Groening Guest Post

Stress is a physiological response. Whenever your brain senses stress, adrenaline and cortisol are activated to raise your awareness and energy. However, not every stressful situation requires you to fight or flight. For example, financial stress is often a debilitating mental burden that reoccurs in a chronic manner. Yet there’s no need for your body […]

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Ways to Simplify your Last Minute Holiday Shopping

by B Simple Simple Tips

Does last minute Holiday shopping cause you stress or cause you to spend more money than you planned? You spend more because you want to just get finished with your shopping. In order to simplify your personal finances you should plan your holiday shopping well in advance so you are not stressing over what to […]

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How a simple “NO” can simplify your personal finances

by B Simple Mindset

Many times our personal finances are not simplified because we yes too often instead of a simple no thank you. We say yes to the many offers for discounts and additional purchases, which many times do not make our financial lifestyle any easier. For example, when making a purchase at a store, we are offered […]

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Simplify your personal finances by building a financial fortress

by B Simple Planning

If you are looking to simplify your personal finances a good way to help you simplify them would be to build a financial fortress. Webster dictionary defines a Fortress as A fortified place, especially a large, permanent military stronghold that often includes a town or a place or source of refuge or support I am […]

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Do you have a Emergency Financial File to simplify your personal finances?

by B Simple Banking

Do you are your spouse manage all of your financial matters? If so what happens to your personal finances if the other is hospitalized or unexpectedly passes away? Would the non-CFO of the house know what to do to manage the family finances? In my post Financially Prepare your Spouse in order to Simplify I […]

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What are your Personal Financial Ugly Ducklings?

by B Simple Budgeting

In order to simplify your personal finances, you must identify your financial ugly ducklings and turn them into financial swans.  What I mean by this is if you want to simplify your financial life so you can manage your finances better you must identify your bad financial habits which I refer to as your ugly […]

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Simple Weekend Reading – App Edition

by B Simple Simple Tips

I have to admit I am an iPhone junkie. I enjoying finding new apps to try out. There are many financial and money management apps that can help you simplify your personal finances. This week I wanted to suggest some of the best financial apps available. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, try […]

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