A dozen ways your tax refund can help you simplify your finances

by B Simple Tax

It’s April and tax season is upon us.  As you gather your W-2s, 1099s, 1098s and other tax documents to complete your tax return or provide them to your tax preparer, you are probably hoping  to receive a tax refund instead of owing additional taxes.  As you visualize that tax refund check, you are probably […]

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How can I eliminate the urge to splurge?

by B Simple Budgeting

Splurging – Spend (money) freely or extravagantly .  All of us do it every once in a while.  We go to the store with a list of things to buy or a set amount you plan to spend but you saw something you just could not leave the store without.  You ask how can I […]

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Did you know cash can help you simplify your finances?

by B Simple Simple Tips

I am sure you have heard the term cash is king.  It is true but not only is cash king it can also help you simplify your personal finances.  You have probably read articles that cash will become obsolete.  Well as long as we are still using cash let it help you simplify your finances.  […]

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Did you know your 401k can simplify your finances?

by B Simple Investing

You are probably wondering how can my 401(k) possibly help me simplify my finances?    Investopedia defines a 401(k) as a qualified plan established by employers to which eligible employees may make salary deferral (salary reduction) contributions on a post-tax and/or pretax basis. Employers offering a 401(k) plan may make matching or non-elective contributions to […]

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What do you plan to do with year end bonus or salary increase?

by B Simple Simple Tips

The year end is only a few months away.  Many companies usually payout year-end bonuses and make salary adjustments at the end of the year.  Have you considered what you will do or would do if you receive year end bonus or salary increase?  Will you spend it or will you allocate it to help […]

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8 reasons WHY you must take action to simplify your finances

by B Simple Mindset

“Action is the foundational key to all success. ” Pablo Picasso Do you set goals but never reach them?  Do you want to organize your finances but never seems to get it done?  It’s probably  because you never took action.   Taking action is the first step you need to take in order to simplify […]

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What are you doing right with your personal finances?

by B Simple Question

  Do you  have a tendency to focus on the negative when discussing your personal finances and forget about the things you are doing right with your finances? I have too much debt. I don’t have an emergency fund. I have not saved for retirement. It is good to focus on the things you need […]

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9 Simple ways to avoid overspending on your credit card

by Guest Post Guest Post

This is a guest post from Andrew Wang who also publishes a blog on making money. Purchasing a large number of different items on your credit card, as well as paying certain bills with a credit card can very quickly send your card up to the limit. Before long, many people quickly find themselves overspending on […]

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What Is a Health Savings Account?

by Guest Post Savings

If you’re young and just starting out in life or a ‘seasoned’ veteran, you have many things in common–one of which is the desire to assure your family is protected in case of emergency. That means insurance coverage…enough to cover you in the event of unexpected trouble. You can’t be too careful. Without insurance the […]

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Reduce Financial Stress, Simplify Your Personal Finances

by Connor Groening Guest Post

Stress is a physiological response. Whenever your brain senses stress, adrenaline and cortisol are activated to raise your awareness and energy. However, not every stressful situation requires you to fight or flight. For example, financial stress is often a debilitating mental burden that reoccurs in a chronic manner. Yet there’s no need for your body […]

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