Is FEAR preventing you from simplifying your finances?


We all have fears at some point in time in our lives.  Such as fear of putting money into the stock market and the fear of losing it all.  But you can not allow financial fears hold you back and prevent you from achieving your financial goals.  The only way you will achieve or reach your financial goals and objectives you set out to achieve is to get over your financial fears.

Here are 5 ways to help you get over your financial fears and help you achieve the lifestyle you want to live.

Is the worse likely to happen? I know I sometimes have a tendency to look at the worse case scenario.  But in reality will the worse really happen.  Will having a budget really cause you to go crazy and not allow you to spend or will using a bill pay service cause your bills to be late.   By having a budget you will be able to allocate your spending and know where you are spending your money.  Using online bill pay will help you save time.  In these two scenarios or any other what is the worse that could happen.  If you don’t try you will never know if it will work.

Just Do it!!  It’s the old Nike saying “JUST DO IT”.  The best way to eliminate a fear is to just do it and see what happens.  It is easier said then done but bet once you do it you may find out it was not as bad as you had thought it would be.

Know the outcome – Many times we fear the unknown.  Many of us do not like change but many times change is for better.

Ask for help – If you are afraid to make a change or unsure about something.  Ask a friend or someone you know has done what you want to do.   You can then ask them all of the questions and concerns you have about establishing it.  You can also find out how helpful it was.

Start small – Start by taking one step at a time instead of paying all of your bills with bill pay instead just start with one.  See how it works then once you feel comfortable set a goal to add more until you are completely automated.  Start saving a small amount each month.


By using one of these tips, I am sure you can conquer your financial fears.  You just never know what you can accomplish once you get over those fears that are holding you back.  So take it slow but take some action to get rid of those fears.  Let me know what’s your financial fear and how you plan to get over that fear by using one of these suggests.

Til next time take it one step at a time to simplify your personal finances.


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    Sometimes you just have to take risks in financial matters. It doesn’t make sense to risk everything right off the bat, but allowing fear to control your decision making isn’t the best either. Its about making the best choice you can and hoping for the best!


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