Financial Planning is EASY as Vacation Planning

We all dream of that perfect vacation.   We always seem to find a way to make it happen by planning ahead and making the appropriate plans and accommodations well in advance.  We find a way to save enough money at the end of the month, we shop around for the best deals, and we know where we are staying and what we will be doing while on vacation.  But when it comes to our personal finances we seem to forget how to plan. We usually spend more time planning our vacation than planning our financial future. We usually don’t apply the same excitement or develop an itinerary for our financial plans, which can have just as much impact on our lives as a vacation.

So why not apply your vacation planning skills to your financial planning. Here are some tips to make your financial planning just as simple as your vacation planning:

Know where you want to go – What is your financial destination?  When planning a vacation you must choose a destination. For example, your financial destination may be to be debt free in 5 years, retirement by age 60 or whatever you want it to be. But you must choose a financial destination, when preparing your financial plan.

How do you plan to get there -When vacation planning you usually decide if you’re traveling by car or plane and you map out your trip.  The same can be applied with your financial plan. You must set goals and objective to reach your destination.

How much do you plan to spend – You usually set a budget when planning for your vacation at least I hope you do.  So why not set a budget for your personal finances. Having a budget is the key to a good financial plan.  A well prepared budget enables you to have a clearer picture of your spending.

Hire professional help – When planning a vacation you hire a travel agent to help you arrange your travel plans and accommodations.  If you’re traveling by air you hire a pilot to fly you to your destination you usually don’t fly the plane yourself.  So when preparing your financial plan hire some professional advisers to help you reach your financial destination.  The ride to your destination will be smoother and quicker if you hire good financial professionals to help you.

So take action now by applying these simple tips to design your financial future and begin to simplify your personal finances.

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