Eliminate your financial weeds to simplify your personal finances

gardeningDo you have financial weeds growing within your personal finances?  Have you stopped pull your personal financial weeds?  A weed is a undesirable, valueless, troublesome plant that grows wild or profusely where it is not wanted.

We all have them but sometimes they look pretty and we don’t want to pull them.  When you do not tend to your personal finances regularly these financial weeds can take over your financial life.  They can cause your financial picture to become clouded.  You must eliminate these financial weeds before they get too big and get out of control preventing you from getting what you want.  Simplifying your personal finances you can help prevent these financial weeds from growing.   Here are some financial weeds you should pull immediately to help you simplify your personal finances:

Multiple investment and banking accounts – if you have several banking accounts or investments account they can become time consuming to maintain as well as costly if you are charged service fees to maintain these accounts.

BEST WEED REMOVER: Consolidate your accounts to avoid service fees as well as eliminate the number of statements you have to monitor.

Financial teasers – These are those tempting teaser interest rate offers, credit card offers, or services you receive a 30 day  free trial but must cancel after thirty days.  These offers  seem to pop up every where.  They are nice to have but can become burdensome if you do not eliminate they after the offer is over.

BEST WEED REMOVER: A few choice words – NO THANK YOU

Unnecessary debt – If you let this one begin to grow it can get out of control quickly and it can become very difficult to get rid of it.  If this financial weed begins to grow early in your life it may have a significant impact on your financial future.  Don’t let it begin to grow.

BEST WEED REMOVER: Use cash for purchases instead of debt

Unnecessary credit cardsThese arrive maybe on a daily basis without you even applying for them.  So having unnecessary credit card can happen overnight so you have to control this.  It seems like a nice thing to have but will quickly get out of control.

BEST WEED REMOVER: Limit the number of credit cards you own.  Two credit cards should be enough to avoid things from getting out of control.

No budget or spending plan – Not having a budget can cause multiple weeds to grow can become very burden some because the weeds will grow very fast and will be difficult to eliminate once they take root.

BEST WEED REMOVER: Create a budget is the easiest weed control and having one will eliminate many weeds from growing.

Late Fees and Overdraft charges – this financial weed can keep growing and growing and can get bigger and bigger.  If you do not establish a system to make sure bills are paid on time and deposit account balances are properly maintain, these weeds will never go away.

BEST WEED REMOVER: Automate your bill paying system or set a reminder system to make sure all bills are paid on time.  Also set up alerts on your account to prevent overdrafts from occurring.


Now its time for you to take action so you can prevent financial weeds from growing in your personal financial garden.  Review your personal finances to see if any financial weeds are growing.  If you find some take immediate action by using one of these weed removers to eliminate them.

What are your financial weeds that continue to grow and prevents you from simplifying your personal finances?

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