Did you know cash can help you simplify your finances?

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I am sure you have heard the term cash is king.  It is true but not only is cash king it can also help you simplify your personal finances.  You have probably read articles that cash will become obsolete.  Well as long as we are still using cash let it help you simplify your finances.  Here is how using cash can help you simplify and improve your finances.

Eliminate monthly bills – Yes it true cash can eliminate bills.  Instead of paying with a credit card use cash when possible.  By using cash you will not receive a bill for your purchase at the end of the month.  One Christmas I decided to use cash for all of my Christmas purchases.  It forced me to stick to a budget as well as plan ahead before I would go shopping.  I needed to determine how much cash I needed to take with me.  It was a great feeling when January came around and there was no credit card bills staring at me to pay.  It was already paid for.

Forced budget – Using cash for purchases forces you to stick to your budget.  Once your cash is used you will have to wait until your next pay check to make your next purchase.  It is not like your credit card which allows you to make purchases until you have reached your credit limit or sometimes even allows you to spend more than your credit limit.  Credit card does not inform you that you do not have the cash to pay for your purchase.

Less to remember – If you use cash for your purchases you do not have credit card due dates to remember, no stamps to purchase, or trips to the post office.  There will be no bills to pay so you have less to remember.  What a great feeling knowing you do not have to have remember the due date or remember to go to the post office for stamps or mail the bill.  You probably have enough to remember so knowing you have a few less things to remember will make you happy.

Saves time – Not only does using cash enable you to have less to remember but it also saves you time.  You do not have to to go to post office to purchase stamps and mail the bill.  You save time because you do have to review your bills and write a check to pay the amount due.  You do not have to spend time setting up bill pay either.  These seem like simple things but the time you spend on them can add up.  You can use this time doing something you enjoy instead of paying your bills.

See using cash has its been benefits.  If you find it a challenge to remember those monthly due dates, staying within your budget, or just want to save time and eliminate some bills using cash maybe a solution you may want to consider.

Remember take one step at a time to simplify your personal finances.

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