As I have state before simplifying your finances is a process.  It is not something that you can do overnight.  One question I hear often is where do I beginning?  It is a valid question.  So I have come up with 5 simple questions you can answer to help you get started with simplifying and […]


  Do you  have a tendency to focus on the negative when discussing your personal finances and forget about the things you are doing right with your finances? I have too much debt. I don’t have an emergency fund. I have not saved for retirement. It is good to focus on the things you need […]


We all say we want to simplify our finances in 2010.  But what action will you take or have taken to simplify your personal finances in 2010. The only way you can simplify is to take action.  Its better to take action not than later. So I want to know from everyone what action you […]