If you want to simplify your personal finances make sure your covered. What I mean by this is you want to make sure you have the appropriate amount of insurance coverage. You do not want to be left standing naked when a medical, natural disaster, or other financial situation occurs which can place a […]


  In my recent post  Is Rate the Only Thing That Matters, I discussed how if you are looking to simplify your finances you can not just look at the rate you will receive.  You have to ask yourself a few questions before you open the new account.  If you open a new account just to […]


Do you are your spouse manage all of your financial matters? If so what happens to your personal finances if the other is hospitalized or unexpectedly passes away? Would the non-CFO of the house know what to do to manage the family finances? In my post Financially Prepare your Spouse in order to Simplify I […]


A great way to simplify your personal finances as well as save you some money is to do a little shopping. I am not talking about going to the mall to shop for clothes. I am talking about just picking up the phone to do some comparison shopping. I recently received my annual renewal for […]


In my post Are your Personal Finances Ready for the Unexpected? I discuss the important of being prepared.  We all need to be prepared for those unexpected natural disasters. You never know when it will strike but you should be prepare in case it does strike. We all say it will never happen to us […]


How can one number simplify your persona finances?  Yes it is true.  One number can help you simplify your personal finances.  This number will make things easier for you and will help you reduce your financial stress.  This number is not a large number.  You are probably thinking yes one very large number can help […]


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