Can you live without these in order to simplify your finances?

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If you want to simplify your personal finances, we have to give up some things or break old habits. But by giving up old habits, we can make our financial life simpler, however, we don’t always see it that way. We want to continue to do things we have always done them but expect our financial situation to change. It does not always work that way so if you want to simplify your finances are you willing to give up some things you believe you cannot seems to live without.

Here are some things you will have to give up in order to simplify your finances but I am not sure everyone is willing to give these up:

I know you like the taste of the stamp glue and the continuous raising the stamp price but you must stop licking if you want to simplify your finances. You may have an addiction but I am sure you can overcome it. You must give up the stamp licking because you will not have to mail your bills. To simplify your personal finances you will have your bills paid directly from your bank account or directly charge your credit card. I don’t recommend going cold turkey on the stamp licking. I know it is a hard one to get over so slowly reduce the number of stamps you have to lick over the next few months.

I know you find pleasure in going to the mail box everyday to see what bills or junk mail the mail carrier has delivered. You will have to give this up because all of your bills should be received electronically if you want to simplify your finances. It may take some time to get over going to the mail box but I am pretty sure you can handle not going.

Many of us enjoy writing a check to purchase items at the store and to pay your monthly bills. If you plan on simplifying your finances you must be willing to leave those paper checks at home. You should instead pay your monthly bills with your online bill pay service or use debit card, credit card, or cash to make your purchases. There are several reasons while these other methods of payment are better than paper checks.

I know it’s easier to just go to the ATM that is closest to you even if it’s not your primary bank. It’s always easier to pay the transaction fee instead of using your bank and not have any ATM fees. If you want to simplify your personal finances you must give up one of those banks. You are not benefiting from using another bank if you are just using it for convenient purposes and paying a fee for the convenient. Decide which bank provides you with the services you need and dump the other one.

3rd or 4th CREDIT CARD
I know your wallet will become depressed if card #3 and #4 are no longer members of your wallet club. You enjoy using card 3 and 4 when card 1 and 2 have reached their limit. Card #3 and #4 come in handy when you are in a bind. If you want to simplify your finances your wallet will have to get over the lost of card #3, #4, and even card #5. To simplify your finances your goal is to eliminate as much debt as possible. By not have those cards you can focus on eliminating any balance you may have on them. Two cards should be enough to manage your finances.

I know you enjoy social hour in the teller line and seeing that bright shining face in the drive-thru but if you simplify your finances you can eliminate your time at the bank. Simplifying your finances means you sign up for online banking and you have your payroll check deposited directly into your bank account. This will allow you to eliminate those trips to the bank.

I know many of us stress over our personal finances because we have not simplified. If you simplify your finances you can reduce your stress level because your finances should be organized, payments should be automated, you should have a plan in place to reduce your debt, and you should be living within your budget or spending limits. Having these in place will eliminate or reduce your stress level.

Now is time for the truth can you live without these things so you can simplify your personal finances. If so, it’s now time to TAKE ACTION. Decide which of these you can live without and put an action plan together to simplify.

Remember take it one step at a time in order to simplify your personal finances.


  1. says

    Generating too much expenses on your habits is definitely bad to the budget. We must learn to control even those pleasurable activities that cost a lot to you. There is always an option to consider in order to deliver just the same enjoyment without having to sacrifice your budget.

  2. says

    Finally someone who gets that cheques are an endangered species! Nothing good comes from paying with a cheque! There are so many human steps involved and each step comes with the opportunity for error. I worked in billing for many years and credit card errors were pretty much non existent but errors from cheques, never ending. And they are hard to fix. Online banking or bills automatically charged to a credit card is the way to go.

    I haven’t had a bill snail mailed to me in years. So when I do go to the mailbox, I am never worried or sad or depressed because there is never bad news in the mail box!

  3. says

    I pay almost all bills electronically, but a few of them don’t have the option. Our quarterly water bill can be paid electronically, but it is a major pain to set it up, and I keep forgetting. Maybe that will be my goal for 2011 – set up water bill payment.

    We use 3 credit cards. Amex for the sweet rewards, Visa for stores that don’t take Amex, and Kohls because I am hooked on the deals you get for using their card.

    I have some friends that still don’t ‘trust’ electronic payment, and they will actually drive to the store to pay their bill if they haven’t mailed it in time. Sounds like a major pain to me.
    .-= Everyday Tips´s last blog ..15 Inexpensive Things To Do In the Fall 10 Just Wasn’t Enough =-.

  4. B Simple says

    I am glad to know I am not the only one who has friends that still go to the store to pay their bills. I agree going to the store to pay the bill is pain. If I did that more than once I would find another way to pay or make sure I pay on time. Thanks for the comment. Good luck with the 2011 goal. I will checkup on you in February 2011 to see how its going.


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