Welcome to Simple Financial Lifestyle! I started SFL because I thought there are way too many people making their personal finances more complicated than they need to be. The idea of SFL is help individuals find ways to make your personal financial life less complicated by simplifying.

If your reading this, I will assume you are interested in simplifying your personal finances because you have multiple bank accounts and it has become overwhelming and time consuming to keep track of them, you are incurring overdraft fees because you forgot to make that deposit or transfer the funds, you’re incurring late fees on your bills because you used snail mail or because you forget to make the payment even though you had the money to pay it, you’re spending more time sorting through your bills than you would like, you’re feeling like you don’t know where to begin with so many financial decisions to be made and so many choices to chose from or you’re feeling like you finances are out of your control and are looking for an easy to understand practical guide to help you simplify your personal finances.

You have taken the first step to begin designing your simple financial lifestyle by identifying that you want to change or improve your current financial situation. I guarantee the time you put into simplifying your finances is well worth it. Taking the time to simplify will allow you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Simple Financial Lifestyle will try to provide you a variety of information and help to simply your personal finances so you can enjoy a healthier and wealthier lifestyle as well as sleep easier knowing your finances are under control. I will discuss how to prepare yourself for financial success with the right mindset and how to decide which strategies are best for your situation. I am going to provide you with real, practical information and tips that you can use to simplify your financial life.

For now, I just want to say welcome to Simple Financial Lifestyle. Thanks for visiting. I hope you find the information helpful and that I can be a small part in helping you achieve the financial lifestyle you desire. Let me know what you think. I want to hear what your financial concerns and fears are, what questions you have about financial simplicity. So let’s get started simplifying your financial life to create a healthier and wealthier lifestyle. Here are a few post to start with I WANT TO SIMPLIFY MY PERSONAL FINANCES NOW.

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