8 Financial Seeds to Plant Now to Simplify Your Finances


Looking to simplify your personal finances.  You must first take action by planting financial seeds.  Planting financial seeds is just like planting a garden.  You must first plant the seeds in order for the plants to grow.  So what financial seeds must you plant to get your financial simplicity garden to grow.

Here are some financial seeds you should plant to simplify your finances:

Saving Seeds – Want to grow your retirement saving and investment savings accounts? Open an IRA or start contributing to your401k plan at work for retirement.  Looking to build investment portfolio open a discount brokerage account.  Once you establish these accounts begin to make monthly automated contributions to your accounts.  Plant this seed and watch your savings grow.

Eliminate Debt Seeds -Tired of looking at that credit card debt.  Stop using your credit cards for purchases instead use cash.  Develop an aggressive plan to eliminate your consumer debt. Plant the seed and watch your credit card debt go away.

Major Purchase Seeds – Want to purchase a new car, house or any other major purchase.  Start saving for it by putting funds aside each month so you can reach your goal to make that necessary purchase.  Plant this seed and you will have the funds for this purchase shortly.

Estate Planning Seeds – Worried your assets will not be distributed according to your wishes.  Draft a will to make sure your intentions are fulfilled as you wish.  Plant this seed and you will rest better knowing that your assets will be handled according to your wishes.

Bill Paying Seeds – Tried of forgetting to mail your bill on time or seeing that late charge.  Plant the seed of automated bill payment by establishing bill pay through your bank or setting up direct pay to your credit card.  Planting this seed will eliminate those ugly late charges and enable to make sure the bills are always paid.

Eliminate Paper Seeds – Receiving too much mail.  Sign up for e-bills to reduce the amount of paper bills you receive each month.  Planting this seed will save you time from opening all of those bills that you receive.  NOTE:  You will receive less paper but remember to review your bills to make sure they are accurate.

Automate Seeds – Tired of forgetting to make that deposit. Tired of waiting in line at the bank to make that deposit.  Plant the autodeposit seed so you don’t have to wait in line or forget to deposit that check.  Its done automatically for you.  Planting this seed is the easiest and most convenient seed you can plant.  You will never have to worry about what did I do with that check or waste your valuable time waiting to simply make a deposit.

Easy Banking Seeds – Want to check you account balance?  Want to make sure that check cleared.  Sign up for online banking.  Plant this seed and you will have 24 hour access to your bank account.


Decide what financial seed or seeds you need to plant so you can begin to simplify your personal fiances as well as reach your financial goals.  Then take the necessary steps to plant the seed.

What are some financial seeds that you need to plant now in order to simplify your finances?

Remember take one step at a time in order to simplify.

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