November 2010

The Yakezie is the web’s largest personal finance and lifestyle blog networks. The Yakezie Scholarship officially launched this Thursday, November 11th. The Yakezie Scholarship is a one of a kind scholarship that focuses on not only helping someone in financial need, but also provides mentorship to all winners! To learn more check out Yakezie […]


Many times our personal finances are not simplified because we yes too often instead of a simple no thank you. We say yes to the many offers for discounts and additional purchases, which many times do not make our financial lifestyle any easier. For example, when making a purchase at a store, we are offered […]


With daylight saving time over, we each gain an extra hour, as we all know time is very value, how do you plan to spend your extra hour? If you have not decide how to spend your extra hour. Spend a part of that extra hour reading some of this week’s personal finance roundups which […]


Planning for your eventual retirement is key to designing your simple financial lifestyle. Here are six tips to help you simplify your retirement planning: Set a retirement goal Access your existing retirement plans Automate your retirement savings Take action by starting a retirement account if you have not established one Review your accounts regularly Diversify […]