How a simple “NO” can simplify your personal finances

Many times our personal finances are not simplified because we yes too often instead of a simple no thank you. We say yes to the many offers for discounts and additional purchases, which many times do not make our financial lifestyle any easier. For example, when making a purchase at a store, we are offered an additional discount on your purchase if you sign up for a store credit card. You have to ask yourself will that 10% or 15% discount on this purchase really make my financial life better. Probably not. Are the few dollars saved on this purchase worth the additional hassle over time. I would say NO.

By simply saying NO to that offer to save on your current purchase you have simplified your personal finances. Signing up for that new credit card is just another credit card you have to keep track of. That’s one additional bill to pay and an additional credit card could impact your credit score. So you tell me, is that additional saving worth the discount?

Saying NO THANK YOU will help you simplify your personal finances in the following ways:

Eliminate addition bills- by not applying for additional credit cards you will not have another bill to keep track of and pay each month.

Help your credit score
– by not applying for those additional credit you can will not impact you credit score.

Less clutter – by saying no to additional purchases you have less stuff you have to store or maintain.

Save money – by saying no to additional purchases you have more money to save and start investing.

Save time -by saying no to those credit card offers or additional bank accounts. You save time because you are not spending your time keep tracking of those additional accounts.

Less stress – by not having those additional things your not stressing over if the bill was paid or how did I get so much debt.

Next time your find yourself in a situation that may impact your personal finances use NO THANK YOU and it will benefit your personal finances in the long run.

Remember to take it one step at a time in order to simplify your personal finances.

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