10 Simple Ways to Save without cutting coupons

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Is saving more money one of your financial goals. Saving is key to helping you live a simple financial lifestyle. You want to have save for retirement, emergency fund or any other reason. But many times we find it difficult to save. We all have a difficult time finding ways to save money. You probably have thought maybe if I cut coupons I can save some money. Yes, you can save money by cutting coupons but do you want to spend time cutting and sorting to save money. I know I do not enjoy cutting coupons. Most of the time if I have a coupon I forget to use it or if I do remember its expired. So I really do not want to waste my time cutting coupon when I don’t even use them.

Here are 10 ways to save as well as simplify your personal financial lifestyle without cutting coupons:

Set a yearly savings goals. In order to save you should have an annual savings goal.  This way you have something to shot for.  Instead of randomly saying I want to save without having a specific amount to save.  An easy way to do this is to set a monthly goal which will help you reach your annual goal.

Establish a budget to prevent you from overspending. If you have a budget it enables you to save because you are monitoring your spending.

Automate your savings to help you save. If you automate your saving you will not have to remember at the beginning or end of the month to set a side a specific amount.  It will already be done without you having to do anything but set the amount you want to save monthly.

Review your cell phone, cable and utility bills. Look to see if you can save by eliminating services that you do not use or look for less expensive plan that fits your needs.  Do you really use all of those minutes in your plan or do you even watch all of the channels with your cable service.

Review your monthly banking charges. Look to see if you are being charged monthly service fees on your banking or have unnecessary non-bank ATM charges.  Eliminating these simple charges will help you save.

Review your current mortgage payment. Look to see if you should possibly refinance your mortgage to lower your monthly payment to save money.  Here are seven things to consider before you consider refinancing. Consider a tax free exchange when selling a property.

Review your credit card interest rate. Look to see what interest rate your credit cards are charging you.  See if its possible to have your interest rate lowered to save.  Also check to see if you are charged an annual fee.  Lowering the interest rate and eliminating any fees will help you save.

Eliminate debt. Paying off your credit cards and any other debt you have will eliminate interest charges as well as free up your monthly cashflow.

Review your monthly memberships and subscriptions.  Are you paying for monthly memberships you are not even using or have monthly subscriptions you can eliminate to help you save.
Review your insurance premiums. Look at your auto and home insurance to see if you can reduce the annual cost not the coverage to save this year.

How do you plan to save more without cutting coupons?

Action Step
Review this list of saving tips and look to see what tips you can apply to save.   If you have not set a saving goal or put a budget in place do this now.  These two simple tips will go a long way in helping you reach your savings goal.

Remember take one step at a time to begin to live a simple financial lifestyle.



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    @Single Guy Thanks for the comment. You always have to find other ways to save money besides coupon plus I never use them.


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